The Academy


Research has shown that, regardless of a student’s ethnic background or family income level, the most successful students are those with regularly structured homework time. At the Academy we believe that regular, meaningful homework develops lifelong habits that will benefit students as they progress towards post-secondary education and the workplace. The purpose of homework assignments is to support, review and amplify what has been taught and learned in the classroom.

We do not expect parents to help their children by teaching them how to do their homework, but to support them with a structured environment, conducive to learning and review, where homework can be completed. Parent involvement involves setting a homework time, encouraging children to do their best, helping them understand directions (as needed), and ensuring their homework is completed and turned in to the teacher on time. Where possible, we encourage parents to sit at the table with their children while they are doing homework and that extraneous distracters such as music, television or loud conversations be at a minimum. (zero).

Some homework assignments require active participation from parents. These parent assisted practice serves a dual purpose: they give students extra practice time with an adult to reinforce and advance the skills taught in school and give parents a chance to interact with their children academically to build self-value and memories.

Students that come to school unprepared will receive consequences according to their classroom policy and will vary according to the grade and maturity of the student. These consequences range from missing a particular daily activity (such as recess, or special classes) to detention or parent conference with an administrator. After six detentions in a grading period a student may be referred to the board for expulsion. Please note that 5th –  8th students are given periodic free assignment passes that allow them to not do a homework assignment. In addition, the fifth and sixth graders are given one opportunity in a grading period to turn in their homework one day late without penalty.

Students are to bring their completed homework to school on the day it is due. Expectations for daily homework commitment can vary on a day-to-day basis but generally fall within the parameters of the Daily Homework Expectations (See table). Please contact an administrator if the time your child takes is consistently going over the recommended homework times.