The Academy


HANDOUTS 2016-2017

2016-2017 Class Lunch Schedule (Subject to Change)

2016-17 PTO Calendar

8th Grade Graduation Reminder 6/1/17

7th Grade Lloyd/Chandler Cherry Springs Field Trip 6/2/2017

Spring Portraits Information Sheet

2017-2018 8th Grade Expedition Yellowstone

7th Grade Field Trip Museum of Idaho 5/18/17

Kindergarten AM Pocatello Zoo 5/25/17

Kindergarten PM Pocatello Zoo 5/25/17

Picture Day 5/5/17

McClure Field Trip May 10

Hurst Field Trip May 16

Hurst Field Trip May 11

Spring Music Concert 5/14/17

K and 8th Graduation Photo Info May 5th

Ms. Bowen Mesa Falls Field Trip 5/19

Ms. Aubrey Mesa Falls Field Trip 5/17

BELL PHOTOGRAPHY Spring Personality Portraits May 5

Mrs. Hurst May Field Trip Handout

AM Kindergarten Important Dates 2017-2018

PM Kindergarten Important Dates 2017-2018

PM Kindergarten Open House May 23

AM Kindergarten Open House May 24

8th Grade Graduation June 1, 2017

Baker Field Trip Library 04142017

Changing Seasons AM Kindergarten 

Music Field Trip April 12 2017

Statewide Home Language Survey

Ms. Haro Field Trip Library

ART SCHEDULE Winter/Spring 2017

Changing Seasons field trip K pm April 28 

Golden Corral Field Trip- K am April 7th

Mini Recorder Concert 3/14/2017

6th Grade Immunization letter 02/27/2017

5th Grade Matuaration Class April 4th

Second Annual Connor Academy Science Fair Grades 7-8

Second Annual Connor Academy Science Fair Grades 3-6

Science Botany Report 2/23/2017

K PM Field Trip 2/27/17

K AM Field Trip 2/27/17

High School Online Academic Planning 2/1/2017

High School Academic Planning 8th Grade

8th Grade School of Choice Letter 1/18/2017

1st-2nd Jr Jazz Basketball 1/15/2017

Music:4th-6th Recorders 1/13/2017

Music: 7th-8th Drumming 1/13/2017

6th, 7th, 8th Pebble Ski Program 2017

4th Grade McClure Snow Shoe 1/17/2017

5th Grade Cross Country Ski 1/17/2017

8th Grade Expedition Yellowstone 11/7/16-11/13/16

5th Grade Field Trip Museum of Idaho 

Connor Academy Email Addresses 9/15/16

Lunch Volunteering

 6th Grade Field Trip 1/19/2017

Small Lost and Found 12/1/2016

Winter Music Concert Attendance Form 11/14/2016

Title 1 Meeting on 11/29/2016

Winter Music Concert Letter 10/28/2016

8th Grade Yellowstone Field Trip Itinerary 10/26/2016

October Art Class Schedule 9/29/16

4th and 5th Grade P.A.S.S Program 10/25/2016

Email with Several Important Announcements 10/20/2016

6th Grade Field Trip 11/16/2016

Photo Retake Day 11/2/2016

September Art Class Schedule 8/31/16

Shirt Order Form due by 09/30/2016

KPM Field Trip on 10/21/16

KAM Field Trip on 10/21/16

6th Grade Ms. Aubrey Field Trip on 10/18/16 

Parent Course Flyer 9/9/16

Buddy Walk Flyer 9/7/16 

Picture Day Flyer 9/7/16

PTO BBQ & Carnival Info 9/2/16

8th Grade Yellowstone Field Trip - 8/31/16

PRT F Route 08/23/2016

Drop-Off and Pick Up Instructions 08/19/2016

PTO Event Volunteering

2016-17 School Supply LIsts

K & 7th Grade Immunization Promotion Flyer

8th Grade 2016 Yellowstone Expedition