Dress Code

The Academy has adopted a dress code in order to provide a safe school environment with minimal distractions. All students are required to adhere to the following dress code:

Uniform Guidelines

School clothing colors are burgundy, navy blue, white and khaki

Bottoms - All bottoms must be worn at the waist, no hip huggers, blue denim or sweat pants.

Shorts and Capri pants cannot be worn between fall and spring break.

Tops - Shirts must be plain solid colors with no words or pictures except for The Academy logo.

Shirts must be modest, meaning that brief garments such as undershirts, halter-tops, tube tops, net tops, tank tops, spaghetti straps, midriff shirts, sleeveless shirts or plunging necklines (front or back) will not be allowed.

Shoes – non-marking, sturdy shoes for daily P.E. are required and can be kept in the student's cubby if they choose to wear other types of shoes to school. Sandals and flip-flops cannot be worn between fall and spring break. No shoes with heels greater than 1 inch shall be worn.

Tights & socks - can only be in school colors.

Coats & Jackets - winter coats or jackets that are worn outside can be any color. Jackets or sweatshirts that the students wish to wear in the classroom must be plain, solid school colors with no words or pictures except for The Academy logo.

Hats & Scarves - baseball caps, knit hats, and scarves may be worn outside, but not in the building. Hats with brims must be worn with the brim straight over the face. Any symbol, print, or logo must be appropriate and meet The Academy's standards.

Makeup – appropriate lipstick, gloss, blush, eye makeup, or foundation are allowed in the 7th and 8th grade. Cover-up for acne is allowed when needed.

Additional Guidelines

Neatness & Modesty Standards - Student clothing and footwear should fit appropriately. All articles of clothing should be modest and worn as originally intended, be clean, and in good repair.

Any articles of clothing or accessories which distract from the educational environment or draw unwarranted attention are unacceptable. Extremes in clothing or hairstyles are also unacceptable.

Any article of clothing, or accessories judged by administration as inappropriate for school or a school activity is prohibited.

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Promotional clothing - Clothing (such as t-shirts, hats, bracelets, etc.) sponsored by approved school clubs, teams or school support organizations may be worn on a limited basis with prior administrative approval. These articles must conform to school neatness and modesty standards.

Casual Days - Students may wear appropriate non-uniform clothing based on student or class performance, as determined by the administration. All clothing must adhere to the neatness and modesty standards identified in this policy.

Crazy hair day - not more than one crazy hair or dress day per trimester may be approved each year at the discretion of the administration. These days must be identified at least one month in advance and modesty guidelines shall apply.