Full-time employees are eligible for group health insurance through Blue Cross of Idaho. The monthly premium for the employee is covered free of charge by The Academy. Click here to view the current rates.


The Academy participates in the Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho (PERSI). Both the employee and employer make contributions. When you earn 60 months of service credit, you will be vested to receive a lifetine benefit at retirement. Please see the PERSI Member Handbook for more detailed benefit and eligibility questions.

PERSI Contribution Rate effective 7/1/23

School Employee Member

Employee 7.62%
Employer 11.94%

School employee is any employee of any school district or charter school employed as instructional staff, pupil service staff, or professionally endorsed staff and any staff holding a certificate pursuant to Idaho Code section 33-1201A.

General Member

Employee 6.71%
Employer 11.18%

General member is a PERSI member not classified as a police officer, firefighter, paid firefighter, or school employee.

Full-time Academy employees accrue 9 leave days/year and can track their benefits at myPERSI. Leave requests must be made in writing to the Administrator and the Business Manager. Click here to view information about the local PERSI office in Pocatello. Regardless if you are just starting out your career or are thinking about retiring, it is important to educate yourself on PERSI. Click here to view current workshops.


Teachers have lots of support at The Academy. In addition to volunteers, paraprofessionals are in most classrooms. Kindergarten through 3rd grade have two paraprofessionals per classroom. 4th-8th grade have one paraprofessional per classroom. Teachers in Special classrooms (Music, Spanish, etc.) have a paraprofessional on an as needed basis. Paraprofessionals work 15 hours a week and assist with anything from grading to classroom management to making copies to subbing. This makes for seamless learning for the times a teacher may be out of the classroom.

Compensation Structure

At The Academy, we like to say that we work hard and play hard. While we are highly academically driven, we incorporate robust breaks for quality time off. Click here to view the 2023-2024 calendar. Here's the comparison to the local public school district:

SD 25

190 work days:

  • 16 Non-student Professional days (includes 4 holidays)

  • 174 Student Contact Days

  • Daily compensation based on salary = $224-385/day

The Academy

162 work days:

  • 5 Non-student Professional days

  • 157 Student Contact Days

  • EA in most classrooms

  • Built in subs

  • Daily compensation based on salary = $267-430/day

Life Insurance

A $50,000 life insurance policy is offered free of charge to full-time employees.

Additional Benefits

There are additional at cost add ons available for full-time employees. These include long term disability, accident, cancer, additional life insurance, and many others. Employees have the opportunity to meet with a representative yearly during open enrollment to select any additional plans.