Pocatello Regional Transit Bus Information

Connor students can use the Pocatello Regional Transit system to get to school in the mornings and home after school.

Morning Schedule:
F Route
I Route

Afternoon Schedule:
​​​​​​​I Route

If you have any questions please call 208-234-2287 or go to Pocatello Regional Transit website at  https://pocatellotransit.com/.

Fares and Semester Passes​​​​​​​

Please note:

Route I: Effective September 12th, I Route will now have earlier departure times in the mornings and will additionally depart from Connor Academy by 3:00pm Monday through Friday with modified timepoints thereafter.  This change will now also allow the route to serve patrons on east Chubbuck road that were previously having to use the bus stops at Chubbuck/Whitaker.  Please visit https://pocatellotransit.com/fixed-route-services/ to view the time and route changes along with available bus stops.